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Since 2009, over 100 recipes featuring specialty crops have been developed as part of the Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud project to increase demand for Kentucky specialty crops. The Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud project links the expertise of University of Kentucky faculty and staff with nutrition students, Extension agents, community partners, and producers to market Kentucky specialty crops. Extension agents and community partners use the recipe cards and associated educational materials to increase consumer knowledge of the health benefits of consuming locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and other specialty crops. By offering recipe cards, sampling, and educational programming, the project has successfully improved consumer knowledge and purchase of specialty crops (specific details provided in final reports). For this grant cycle, funding is requested for a mobile PIUKP cooking, teaching, and sampling "kitchen" that will be used throughout the state at farmers markets, at the Kentucky State Fair, and other educational programming. A "PIUKP Mobile Kitchen" designed specifically for PIUKP offers Extension agents throughout the state a tool to provide innovative and impactful programing to increase child and adult nutrition knowledge and consumption of specialty crops. See for an example of this type of mobile kitchen. Nutrition faculty and students at UK will develop educational kits to accompany the PIUKP Mobile Kitchen. These kits will include the recipes cards as well as unique and innovative educational materials (e.g. phytonutrient cards) and display supplies. The PIUKP social media campaign will be expanded to include the PIUKP cart and videos at farmers markets. In collaboration with Extension agents, the cart will be travel throughout the state - agents will work directly with producers in their county to determine the most appropriate recipe to display and sample based on what will be available at the market that day. By having such a recognizable and innovative PIUKP Mobile Kitchen, we anticipate consumer interest will be peaked, thus directly promoting specialty crops. The project impact will be evaluated through surveying of consumers and producers. The ultimate goal of this project is to have multiple PIUKP Mobile Kitchens that can be "checked out" by Extension agents and community partners for regular use at programming. The mobile kitchens will be stored regionally to allow access throughout the state. SCBGP funding for this project will allow for the development of the prototype PIUKP Mobile Kitchen and demonstration kits to accompany the cart. Funding can then be secured from additional sources for the purchase of supplemental PIUKP Mobile Kitchens. Outcome 2: Enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through increased consumption. Outcome 3: Enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through increased access.
Effective start/end date12/1/189/29/21


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $50,000.00


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