Post Secondary - Successful Transitions Program

  • Gillen, Martie (PI)
  • Hoffman, Doris (CoI)

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The University of Kentucky - Training Resource Center provides a Post Secondary Program (Successful Transitions) for Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP) students enrolled at UK by providing opportunities for students to develop their intellectual, social, and work-related skills. This program will allow the UK K-TAP student to compliment and expand their academic experience in areas of integrating basic skills, hfe skills, and occupational skills to meet identified employee needs, Additionally, this program provides services in accordance with the Cabinet's mission and goals aimed to create a seamless transition of deliverable services that build on opportunities designed to assist K-TAP recipients to attain their highest potential, maintain meaningful employment, and economic self-sufficiency. The services performed are as follows: . Operate a Post Secondary Program f()r identified K-TAP students at the University of Kentucky to ensure their academic success as well as current and future employability. . Provide individual and group program orientations for students as needed. . Support students in locating and using available student services and community resources, . \1eet with students individually to assess employment and academic needs. . Assist students with the development of academic and employability skills, including, but not limited to, work preparation classes, job shadowing, and job coaching opportunities. . Develop and'or coordinate four (4) special workshops/seminars per year that are directly related to the specific needs of identified students. . Recruit K- L\P students enrolled to encourage completion of baccalaureate education. . Meet with local Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) staff as needed or \\hen requested by the Cabinet. . Establish a system for those students participating in work-study programs to ensure successful completion of the assignment. TANF work-study funds can supplement. but not supplant federal work-studv funds. . Provide information upon the request of and in the format required by the Cabinet concerning all services, including information for required reports, . Respond to all monitoring reports of non-compliance due to program infractions within the designated time frame, . Submit end of semester report by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month following the end of each semester, to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and shall include, but not limited to: 0 1\umber of K-TAP referrals received 0 Number of unduplicatcd participants sened
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


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