Postsecondary Education: Integrating Crime Victims Issues Into University and College Curriculum

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This application proposes to use the "Understanding Crime Victims" curriculum kit in a 300level sociology course called Introduction to Crime, Law, and Deviance offered by the Department of Sociology at the University ofKentucky in the fall of2011. The content ofthis course and the teambased learning method make it an ideal case with which to test this kit. Ine instructor proposes to use the kit material in 4.5 class periods, as well as revisit the material throughout the rest ofthe cumulative course. The instructor will provide three reports throughout the semester with various evaluations of how students reacted to the kit material (clicker poll results about the readings and topic, summary scores on quiz items, summaries ofother graded activities, and summaries ofthe content ofthe discussions about these materials). The reports will include samples ofhow the kit was adapted for this course and will provide an overall summary evaluation ofthe materials and suggestions for improvement. The instructor is an experienced teacher who is well qualified to successfully implement the evaluation ofthis particular curriculum kit. She also has the full support ofher department chair to carry out this project.
Effective start/end date8/15/1112/31/11


  • University of Massachusetts: $1,015.00


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