Poultry House Evaluation Service

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The issues that impact the sustainability of Kentucky poultry producers are environmental issues, urban/rural interaction, rising energy cost, and the need for continuing educational opportunities. This project encompasses two programs to address these issues to ensure the sustainability of Kentucky's poultry producers. The objectives of the Poultry House Evaluation Service program include: • Assist poultry producers in increasing their production efficiency by properly operating and maintaining the equipment they have. • Reduce energy cost by adopting energy saving practices through maintenance and cost effective upgrades. • Evaluate cost effectives of potential or barn improvements based on energy and/or productivity gains. • Develop educational workshop for each participating integrator producer group based on data obtained from the poultry house evaluations. The objectives of the Educational program component include: • Develop and implement producer driven education through speakers, field days, educational materials, etc. • Provide and develop new educational materials that poultry producers can utilize to increase their knowledge base of information. • Develop and provide a poultry management manual to producers for participating integrators.
Effective start/end date10/1/0712/31/10


  • KY Poultry Federation: $395,566.00


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