Precision Agriculture: Development and Assessment of Integrated Practices for KY Producers - Phase IV

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A major problem facing most Kentucky producers has traditionally been the lack of appropriate and cost effective strategies to manage the variability in their soil. The advent of GIS and GPS provides these producers with new tools to manage this variability. Therefore the goal of this project is to develop methodologies and guidelines for producers who intend to adopt and utilize precision agricultural practices in their operations. Paramount to this effort is demonstration of the potential economic and environmental benefits associated with the use of precision agriculture practices that will accrue to Kentucky producers and society at large. The specific objectives to be addressed under Phase IV funding of this project are: 1) development of criteria, sensing technologies, decision tools, and educational programs to help farmers manage the variability that exists within production units and to assess the economic viability of these practices; 2) development of standards and protocols for the collection, analysis and utilization of spatial and temporal data to enhance crop production; and 3) development and evaluation of spatial production technologies to enhance environmental quality. This Phase IV proposal consists of 7 sub-projects in support of the overall project objectives listed above. A majority of the sub-projects are multidisciplinary in nature, with linkages between sub-projects in Phase IV, and to sub-projects in Phases I, II, and III. To aid in the coordination of these interdependent subproject activities, a coordinator is purposed for the specific express purpose of disseminating research findings directly to producers.
Effective start/end date9/15/029/14/05


  • US Department of Agriculture: $130,149.00


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