Precision Nitrogen Management of Corn for Improving Farm Profitability and Water Quality in Southern Illinois

  • McGrath, Joshua (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


University of Kentucky personnel will support the proposed project by applying pre-plant and side-dress nitrogen, planting corn, and harvesting grain for two to four field sites in Illinois. In addition, we will collect NDVI readings from plots during side-dress activities and map soil electrical conductivity. Our budget requests $30,000 to support the proposed activities. We anticipate 400 personnel hours dedicated to project activities, including field work and data management. We have requested $10,036 to support equipment fuel and maintenance, based on 67 machine hours across all activities at $150/hour. We requested $6000 to support travel to field sites, based on $200 per person per day. Finally, we have included $2,727 to support indirect costs, based on sponsor limit of 10% of total direct costs.
Effective start/end date1/1/192/28/20


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