Predoctoral Fellowship for Amanda Prewitt: Estrogen Receptor Alpha mRNA Regulation in the Mouse Cortex Prior to and Following a Stroke-Like Injury

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This project will address several issues. It will characterize the promoters responsible for ER-a mRNA expression during mouse cortical development utilizing rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) will be performed at various time points early in development, to determine the specific ER-a promoter responsible for ER-a mRNA expression and quantitative RT-PCR will determine their usage. This project will also investigate the regulation of ER-a mRNA in an in vitro stroke-like injury utilizing organotypic explant cultures of the cortex and examine ER-a expression prior to and following an in vitro stroke-like injury by Quantitative RT-PCR. We will also use promoter-specific primers to determine which ER-a promoters are utilized. The role methylation of promoters in ER-a mRNA expression after an ischemic event will be examined by organotypic explant cultures and examine and perform methylation specific PCR to determine methylation status of the ER-a promoters prior to and following an in vitro stroke injury. The outcomes of these studies will add to our understanding of how ER-a mRNA is regulated the mouse cortex. An understanding of the regulation of ER-a expression throughout the cortex is not only important to the understanding of basic developmental biology, but also has potential future applications in neuroprotection in brain injury models like stroke.
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/08


  • American Heart Association Ohio Valley Affiliate: $42,000.00


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