Prematurity Prevention Initiative in Kentucky - Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait

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The primary goal of this three year project is the demonstration of a 15% reduction in singleton preterm births. This will be done by promoting evidence-based interventions, implementing patient safety strategies and enhancing synergy among families and services in the community with culturally sensitve, health literacy appropriate information through a system of collaboration among local and state-level clinical and public health partners. This Prematurity Prevention Initiative Project in Kentucky will be conducted among three (3) clinical sites that will implement Project Based Interventions (the "Intervention Sites") and three (3) clinical sites that will provide comparative data for baseline comparisons and measurements (the "Comparison Sites"), and will focus on: 1) Education 2) Strengthening Care/Referrals 3) Quality/Patient Safety A Project Steering Committee will establish guidelines for the Project and coordinate implemenation and communication among the health organizations and health professionals engaged in the Project.
Effective start/end date12/15/0612/31/10


  • March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation: $230,134.00


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