Preparation of Leadership Personnel

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The goal of this project is to prepare leadership personnel to integrate instruction about technology into pre-service preparation programs or in-service professional development programs for special education teachers, administrators, and related personnel. Higher education faculty who participate in the program learn how to design separate courses on technology applications in special education and how to infuse instruction about technology into existing personnel preparation courses. Leadership personnel from local or state education agencies who participate learn how to design special education professional development programs that focus on technology applications. Resources used in the program are being placed on the Web for use by leadership personnel who are unable to participate in the program. Ultimately, this project will provide fellowships for 32 people during its four-year duration (2002-2006). Each year, four Post-Doctoral Fellows will be selected to participate in a four-month fellowship program during the academic year. Four additional people will be able to pursue similar activities during each two month summer session that the project is in operation. Some fellows may pursue post-doctoral study for a full academic year or for combinations of summers and single semesters. In such cases, fewer than the 32 projected Fellows will participate in the program. Fellows must complete a technology self-assessment upon application to the program. A written Individualized Fellowship Plan (IFP) is then developed to guide the fellowship activities. Fellows may take courses, or portions of courses, from the ten courses on technology in special education that are offered in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky, and courses that infuse technology into the curriculum. They may engage in independent study activities, observation and practica, consultation, or research and development activities as part of their fellowship program. They also may attend regularly scheduled seminars that address integration of technology into personnel preparation programs. All fellows leave the program with an instructional module they have developed and field-tested and the design for a unit, course, or professional development program that focuses on an application of technology in special education.
Effective start/end date9/1/029/25/10


  • Special Education and Rehabilitative Services: $687,876.00


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