Preventative Maintenance Programs for Bridges KYSPR 10-424

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OBJECTIVES: PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM FOR BRIDGES KYSPR-U-424 Continuation of an Approved Study Anticipated Completion: FY 12 I. Identi fy "Best Practices" for bridge for preventive maintenance that provide benefits by stopping/slowing bridge deterioration along with costs and associated reductions in deterioration. 2. Determine the most cost effective means of implementing those on a large scale (e.g. state forces or by contract). 3. Provide detailed procedures for proper field appli cation of those "Best Practices" by either state forces or by contract. 4. Review the KYTC bridge inventOlY to determine how to implement a preventive maintenance program could be producing the greatest beneficial impact on the entire inventory. 5. Determine KYTC actions necessary for FHWA Kentucky Division approval offund diversion from the HBP for preventive maintenance on brid ges. 6. Develop and monitor KYTC projects employi ng experimental preventive maintenance procedures
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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