Priority 3 Scope: Kentucky Geological Survey FY2024 Geologic Data Preservation Project

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Kentucky Geological Survey FY2024 Geologic Data Preservation Project Project Abstract Summary Project Title: Kentucky Geological Survey FY2023 Geologic Data Preservation Project Project Period: June 1, 2024 – May 31, 2026 Project Purpose: The proposed project will improve the accessibility of several physical samples and data sets at the Kentucky Geological Survey. Activities to be performed: 1) 20,000 feet of rock core will be photographed, described, and analyzed with multiple sensors on a multi-sensor core logger. Rock core data and photographs created through this project will be made available online along with recommended citations where appropriate. Core boxes will be repaired or replaced as needed. 2) X sets of oil and gas well cuttings will be assessed for accessioning and rehoused as needed. A story map will be created to highlight KGS oil and gas sample collections and their contributions to research in Kentucky. 3) The KGS groundwater and dye trace dataset will be modernized to conform to FAIR data standards to ensure the two databases relate more directly. Project staff will scan and index all primary paper resources, link these scanned files to the previously updated geospatial data, archive the paper resources, and improve metadata to ensure interoperability of the data. 4) X mineral cores from Tennessee will be reviewed for mineral content and sampled for future analysis. The remainder of the cores will be deaccessioned from our rock core collection and disposed of by a third-party contractor. Samples collected will be cataloged and stored in the KGS mineral lab. 5) KGS staff will georeference and vector digitize critical mineral prospect area and drill hole field maps pertinent to the Illinois–Kentucky Fluorspar District, Central Kentucky Mineral District, and South-Central Kentucky Mineral District. KGS staff will label training data on archive mining documents to be used for the development of artificial intelligence tools for extracting critical mineral information from scanned documents. Deliverables and expected outcomes: 1) Twenty-five rock cores will be better preserved and analyzed for future research. 2) The oil and gas well cuttings collection will be expanded with research-quality washed cuttings sets. A story map will be created to explain 3) updated and linked digital datasets that include the primary references that are currently unavailable to the public 4) A collection of research-quality mineral core samples from Tennessee will be created and valuable storage space will be reclaimed for Kentucky rock cores. 5) Borehole and geochemical data compiled into the USGS borehole template and improved data access through the KGS Mineral Information Map service. Intended beneficiaries: These deliverables will benefit KGS staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and scientists in Kentucky interested in various areas of Kentucky geology and available geologic samples. Specific beneficiaries include but are not limited to researchers interested in the karst landscape of Kentucky, mineral exploration and hydrocarbon studies, and critical minerals in Kentucky.
Effective start/end date6/1/245/31/26


  • US Geological Survey


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