Private Pesticide Applicator Certification MOA: FY 24-FY 25 Private Pesticide Applicator Certification (CL1 - Federal)

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Scope of Work 2024-2026 Kentucky Private Applicator Training and Certification Program The University of Kentucky will support the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to ensure those applying pesticides in the state of Kentucky are doing so safely and adhering to the appropriate Kentucky statues and regulations. Specific activities coordinated and services provided by the University of Kentucky include: 1. Advising the Kentucky Department of Agriculture on proposed regulatory changes. 2. Administering the Private Applicator Training and Certification Program. a. This is administered through the PSEP Coordinator within the UK Entomology Department and records of private applicators maintained securely. b. Private applicators receive three hours of training each three years at their local county extension office, or can complete an optional 92 question test (no minimum score, but county extension agents review with them the questions they answer incorrectly). c. Training materials that comply with the EPA core competencies are developed/provided by the PSEP coordinator. 3. The PSEP coordinator provides training materials for commercial applicators. 4. Assist program organizers to obtain CEU approval through the KDA for meetings with appropriated educational content. 5. Keep University specialists and county extension personnel informed of regulatory changes with respect to pesticides and pesticide safety.
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/26


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $70,500.00


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