Probing Quantum Phase Transitions by MuSR and Complementary Methods in Applied Pressure

  • Sushko, Yuriy (PI)

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To develop a high-pressure MuSR apparatus/spectrometer at TRIUMF with a new concept of "scintillators within the cell" which would drastically improve data quality of high pressure. Combining clamp and gas pressure technologies with new cryogenic systems, we seek to cover a wide range of pressure (up to 15-20 kbar) and temperature (down to 3-Helium and possibly dilution region) in a good pressure homogeneity. In parallel, we will also perform studies using other complementary methods in applied pressure, including magnetization/susceptibility measurements with existing Helium gas pressure system, transport studies, together with a development of high-pressure capabilities for Moessbauer and perturbed anagular correlation (PAC) measurements.
Effective start/end date6/1/055/31/08


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