Professional Exchange Program with Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia & Taiwan

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The Recipient will conduct a four-part, two-way Legislative Fellows Program for a total of approximately 18 participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and Taiwan, and approximately 14 American participants. The program goal is to effect positive change in governmental transparency to avoid public corruption, to establish muturally beneficial relationships between American and Foreign Citizens, and to increase the understanding of different cultures and governing structures. The foreign participants will spend approximately four to five weeks in the United States; first for one month in Kentucky for internships and related programming, followed by the Professional Fellows Congress in Washington DC. The American participants will then travel to their conterparts' Asian country for approximately 2-3 weeks of joint programming focused on outreach and engagement with local community leaders.
Effective start/end date9/30/111/31/13


  • Department of State: $399,180.00


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