Profitable Pasture-Finished Beef Production

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Demand for pasture-finished beef has grown dramatically in the past decade, increasing 4.1% in 2017 alone (Power of Meat, 2018). Coupled with a growing consumer interest in locally-produced foods, cattle farmers are becoming increasingly interested in this high-value enterprise. However, there is a significant amount of risk involved with pasture-finished beef. Many producers lose interest because there are so many unknowns in the production, processing, and marketing processes. What does it take to produce a quality product that consumers want? What type of marketing skills are needed in order to break into the market? This project will help answer these questions and help farmers evaluate and implement a transition to pasture-finished beef production. The project will quantify risk with the various systems (particularly production, processing, and marketing), and help producers determine if the risk is worth the potential reward. The program would also be useful to existing producers who are looking to improve their current enterprise. Five states are collaborating on this project (Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Indiana), with diverse experience and knowledge, and with four team members currently producing pasture-finished beef. 2-3 full-day regional workshops will be held in each state reaching an estimated 720-900 producers.
Effective start/end date4/1/199/30/20


  • University of Arkansas: $48,887.00


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