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Summary: Encompass Health Home, LLC was formed to provide a streamlined, one-stop coordination point for Medicaid eligible children with chronic conditions. Encompass is a multi-diocesan partnership that recently received grant funding to expand their services. The new expansion enhances their existing adult-focused programs and includes expansion into serving youth. Encompass has asked the Precision Analytics team, from the Center for Innovation in Population Health at the University of Kentucky, to partner with them to produce a program evaluation of their work. The evaluation approach will incorporate both formative (process implementation) and summative (outcome monitoring) types of evaluation activities. In addition, the evaluation team will pilot Facilitated Collaborative Inquiry (FCI) at two sites in the Encompass partnership. FCI is a continuous quality improvement and learning framework that will help Encompass build internal capacity to sustain their ongoing evaluation and quality improvement efforts. The timeline for this work will begin upon contract execution and continue through August of 2021.
Effective start/end date10/1/2010/31/21


  • Catholic Charities of Broome County: $120,000.00


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