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ABSTRACT PROJECT: Program Evaluation - Gemma Services Insight Generator Tool The Center for Innovation in Population Health proposes a participatory evaluation to assess how Gemma Services sta? and clinicians are using the Insight Generator tool and how it might be their work in programs. For participatory evaluation of the Gemma Services Insight Generator Tool, we will complete the following tasks: • Intentional focus-group formation: Focus-groups will be organized to convene practitioners with different roles in Gemma Services and tool implementation to cross-pollinate insights across organizational positions while supporting psychological safety to honestly disclose experiences by placing staff and supervisors in separate groups for Phase 1. Groups also are matched by educational levels and relative usage of the tool. • Phase 1 – REM by groups: REM is a group participatory evaluation method that engages program stakeholders with visual mapping to retrospectively review the chain of effects resulting from a complex program implementation. • Phase 2 – Map compilation and coding: Facilitators export mind maps into spreadsheets for analysis and work with Kate Ryan to code using the program logic model as a thematic framework. • Phase 3 – All-team map review and discussion. KEY PERSONNEL Margaret McGladrey, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health who supports the work of the TCOM Implementation, Development, and Evaluation Support (TIDES) program at the IPH Center. Dr. McGladrey will leverage her in participatory action research, practice-based research, and quality improvement to design and implement a program evaluation protocol for this project.
Effective start/end date2/2/2412/31/24


  • Gemma Services: $24,580.00


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