Program Evaulation of the Agricultural Development Board Investments, 2001-2006 - Palmer Scope

  • Palmer, Gary (PI)
  • Infanger, Craig (CoI)
  • Maurer, Richard (CoI)

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    In general we propose to closely examine the outcomes and impacts of all state-level large projects and a sample of small and medium-size projects. Using a stratified sample approach, we will study 25 large projects, 25% of the medium projects (4 direct and 7 indirect), and 10% of the small projects (7 direct and 2 indirect). UK and GOAP staff will develop a similar stratified sampling approach for county non-model project analysis. Primary information will be collected prior to site visits, a structured questionnaire will be adapted for each project category, and evaluation teams will include ADS members, GOAP staff, and the UK team. [Note: The Board allocated about $945,000 to nine projects in a general "Research and Development" category, constituting
    Effective start/end date4/3/0712/15/08


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