Program Income: Technical Assistance for Energy Audits and Renewable Energy Projects in Rural Kentucky

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A total of at least 45 on-farm energy audits will be conducted for Kentucky farmers and small business owners across the state during a 12-month period. Anticipated projects will include solar PV installations, irrigation pumps, grain drying or handling systems, and dairy and poultry farms. An M.S. level engineer will screen potential applicants with a unique site assessment tool that has been previously developed for EE and RE projects to rank individual farms based on their currently available records, potential impact for energy savings and environmental impact, level of interest in applying energy saving measures and other criteria. Preliminary calculations will be made for an assessment of the most significant energy saving measures that could be implemented on the farm or business. All calculations will be checked by a Professional Engineer prior to sharing with the farm or business owner.
Effective start/end date4/6/153/31/17


  • Rural Development: $8,125.00


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