Programmable Controls for Solid-Liquid Settling Basins

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This project will demonstrate the use of microprocessor flow controls for enhancing the design, construction, and performance of SLSBs and WTS on farms across a wide geographic area of Kentucky. Cooperative animal production enterprises will vary based on herd size and geographic proximity to other cooperative farms in order to disseminate our efforts effectively. The project will demonstrate methods for renovating SLSBs to control application rates to WTS for managing nutrient concentrations, vegetation yields, and harvesting. Vegetative species will be selected and placed in the WTS in accordance with nutrient movement through the soil profile. This demonstration project will use a combination of irrigation technologies to be employed to provide the quiescent time needed to allow solids to settle from wastewater. A valve system will be utilized to dewater manure storage structures and increase storage capacity. The installation of rnicrocontrollers and flow control valves will be utilized to demonstrate pulse wastewater management to control application rates to WTS in environmentally sensitive areas.
Effective start/end date7/5/077/7/10


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service: $42,677.00


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