Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter Pilot Project

  • Pollack, David (PI)
  • Henderson, A (CoI)
  • Levstik, Linda (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Contractor shall develop and implement an archaeological curriculum for 4th/5th grades, public elementary schools in the Lake Cumberland region. The mechanism for delivering the curriculum will include training teachers in the curriculum; in turn the teachers will implement it in their schools during the following school year. The goal of the instruction is teach students about archaeology in order to enhance stewardship of Lake Cumberland’s cultural resources and heritage, and to reduce looting of archaeological sites. The Curriculum may include the Project Archaeology curriculum and the curriculum must meet the Kentucky Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to ensure adoption of the curriculum by the teachers and schools. Therefore, archeology will be used as the vehicle to improve student learning in social studies, science, humanities, literacy, and citizenship. The Contractor shall also conduct research to evaluate the effectiveness of the training by conducting knowledge based surveys of the students prior to the course unit, and upon completion of the unit. The Contractor shall prepare a final report documenting the development, implementation, and effectiveness of the curriculum. 2. Location The training shall occur at an educational facility that is able to support a Teacher training. The curriculum implementation shall occur in one or more of the counties surrounding Lake Cumberland such as Russell, Wayne, Clinton, Pulaski, Laurel or McCreary Counties, Kentucky.
Effective start/end date2/19/14 → 6/30/16


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