Project CARE: Curriculum Access Through Reading Electronically

  • Hasselbring, Ted (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Project Care involves federally funding research in 1200 KY schools on use of computerized reading supports to allow struggling amers access to the general curriculum. Research surveys and interviews will be collaboratively designed by the KDE and UK ld U of L project team. These surveys and interviews will be conducted with school administrators, teachers and students. The )lIaborative project team will also be cooperating in the summary, analysis and reporting of the data collected. Due to the statwide lagnitude of the project, the state will be divided for conducting research by the two universities to distribute the workload. of L will be doing more of the on-line, web-based surveys and UK will be more responsible for the on-site and telephone surveys. will further determine the most effective methods and strategies for school level creation and use of digitized curriculum materials ~ross content areas and grade levels. Project CARE will determine the impact and effectiveness of use of computerized reading !chnology to improve student access to the general curriculum and assessment. pon approval of the master agreement, the Kentucky Department of Education will pay one-fourth of the amount with receipt of Ivoice from the vendor. Vendor will thereafter invoice on a quarterly cost reimbursement basis including a summary of xpenditures consistent with the master agreement budget. Final invoice must be received within 60 days of expiration of the laster agreement. Any unencumbered balance must be refunded with the submission of the final invoice or not later than 10 ~Iendar days after the master agreement expires.
Effective start/end date10/15/036/30/04


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