Project Graduate 2020 Grant

  • Vaught, Aaron (PI)
  • Vaught, Aaron (PI)

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    The University is committed to ensuring that the Commonwealth reaches the 60% by 2030 goal. A cornerstone of that effort is the engagement and completion of former UK students. The University has been engaged in the Project Graduate program since its inception. The University has made a commitment to recruiting, retaining, and graduating our former students. This is evident in that we have graduated over 600 Project Graduate students since 2007 and have 87 Project Graduate students enrolled in the 2019 academic year that we contacted previously about their degree completion. The CPE PG grant will ensure our continued efforts to increase degree attainment in the state of Kentucky.
    Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/21


    • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $25,000.00


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