Project LINK: A Partnership to Promote LINKages among Assessment, Curriculum and Outcomes in Order to Enhance School Success for Children in Head Start Programs

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Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling (EDSRC) at the University of Kentucky (UK) in collaboration with the Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties (CAC) propose to develop a planning framework that connects the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework with authentic assessment processes in an effort to link child assessment, curriculum planning, and child outcomes. Specifically, Project LINK will develop authentic assessment strategies linked to the indicators outlined in the Child Outcomes Framework. Head Start staff will then receive ongoing training and technical assistance in the implementation and revision of the assessment process. This professional support will be connected to college credit The proposed research study will seek to identify functional, culturally relevant child assessment processes that Head Start staff can use within the context of their daily program to track child progress, plan and implement curriculum, and demonstrate functional evidence of child outcomes. The proposed research project is designed to result in the development of an assessment process that may be incorporated into the local data collection efforts of Head Start programs. The following research questions will guide all project activities: 1) Does the Project LINK authentic assessment model accurately assess and monitor children's abilities? 2) What are effective supports and strategies need by Head Start teachers in implementing an authentic assessment model? 3) Does linking an authentic assessment process to the Child Outcomes Framework improve program quality? 4) Does linking an authentic assessment process to the Child Outcomes Framework prepare children for school?
Effective start/end date9/1/028/31/07


  • Administration for Children and Families: $233,759.00


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