Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Emergency Departments -Supplement

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The overall purpose of the proposed supplement is the strengthen SEER Program registry abilities to disseminate cancer incidence and mortality data through a mHealth App with the greatest impact and benefit for cancer prevention and control planning, implementation and evaluation. As a result of this initiative, the SEER Program registries will be able to inform a wide audience, including but not limited to the cancer prevention and control professionals, policy makers, clinicians, the general public and other stakeholders, about the geographical burden and disparities of cancer in the entire SEER catchment area, covering over 30% of the U.S. population. The ultimate goal is to empower users to enact multilevel cancer control policies and interventions aimed at reducing the burden of cancer in the SEER Program areas. Therefore the specific aims of the supplement are to: 1. Employ the cancer-rates App to assess and evaluate colorectal cancer disparities in Appalachian Kentucky. 2. In collaboration with NCI, evaluate and provide feedback to improve the App as a data dissemination tool to serve the needs of the cancer prevention and control community in Kentucky and the SEER Program areas. 3. Establish legal agreements between NCI, SEER registries and KCR that permits the hosting and dissemination of county level incidence and mortality data through the App. 4. Enhance the App to include interactive maps for all SEER Program states outside of Kentucky. 5. Determine policies, procedures and resources necessary for sustainable support of annual data updates (both incidence and mortality), quality control reviews, and registry customizations for all SEER Program states.
Effective start/end date9/1/165/31/17


  • National Cancer Institute


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