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The aim of the Foundation for a Health Kentuckyfs (the Foundation) Promoting Responsive Health Policy (PRHP) initiative is to make public policy more responsive to the health and health care needs of the people of Kentucky. Grant]making under this initiative is intended to support effective policy and advocacy organizations working to improve the health of Kentuckians through positive and lasting systems changes, and specifically, to address one or more of the policy areas of importance to the Foundation. This grant request represents the fifth year of funding in what is anticipated to be a fiveyear effort to increase the proportion of Kentuckians living in smoke]free jurisdictions and living, working, and learning on tobacco-free campuses. Grantees are expected to work collaboratively with the Foundation, maintain positive and open communication with the Foundation, and to engage in a collaborative manner with others working on the areas of focus. Grantees are also expected to participate in any training and technical assistance provided by the Foundation or its designated technical assistance providers, to advance the work of this initiative. Training expenses and grantee travel expenses will be underwritten by the Foundation. Future years of funding will be contingent on the continued strength and viability of the applicant organization and its ongoing commitment to work for health policy change consistent with the Foundationfs identified focus areas. For this fifth year of funding under PRHP, Kentucky Center for Smoke]free Policy (KCSP) will continue to address Focus Area #3, promoting policies to increase the proportion of Kentuckians living in smoke]free jurisdictions by supporting a comprehensive, statewide smoke]free law, as appropriate, local smoke]free laws, and institutional tobacco]free policies. KCSP promotes responsive health policy change by: 1) providing an information clearinghouse on tobacco exposure including electronic smoking devices, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, coalition development, legal/regulatory issues, and translational research; 2) partnering with community stakeholders to build capacity and demand for smoke] and tobacco]free air; 3) and disseminating data for policymakers, the media, and community stakeholders. Community advocates, policymakers, and the media rely on KCSP for user]friendly, readily available resources to advance health policy and evaluate its impacts. Year 5 Objectives Objective #1: Build capacity and demand for eventual enactment of comprehensive statewide smokefree legislation. By the end of Year 5, we will have successfully provided education, research, and analysis to promote readiness for the development of comprehensive statewide policy and to reduce the likelihood of partial smoke]free legislation that would not result in population health outcomes and that would deter local smoke]free efforts in the future (e.g., explicit as well as implicit preemption). a. Provide research and policy analysis for the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, the Smoke]free Kentucky Coalition and other organizations to use with policymakers (KCSP does not lobby) (E. Hahn, H. Robertson, Research Assistant 04/17-3/18). b. Update fact sheets on percent covered by policy, smoking prevalence, etc. by legislative district, and smoke]free government buildings, and post to website (KCSP Data Mgr, Research Assistant 4/17-3/18). c. Work with regional liaisons and stakeholders (e.g., rural hospital champions) to increase the number of resolutions, petitions, media advocacy, and public events supporting Smoke]free Kentucky (A. Bucher, C. Riker, 4/17-3/18). Objective #2: At least 50% of Kentuckians will live in a smoke]free jurisdiction by April 2018. a. Provide technical assistance (TA) with stakeholders using culturally appropriate, evidence]based policy advocacy strategies, with a special focus on strengthening smoke-free ordinances in locations with moderate or weak laws (A. Bucher, C. Riker, E. Hahn and KCSP team 4/17-3/18) b. Update county]level data fact sheets on percent covered by policy, smoking prevalence, local policies, air quality, and post to website (A. Bucher, RA, KCSP Data Mgr 10/17-12/18). c. Continue to assist and inform the tobacco control community about legal/regulatory issues related to smoke]free policy (J. Owens, A. Bucher, C. Riker, E. Hahn 4/17-3/18). d. Continue advocacy efforts by holding annual state smoke]free conference (H. Robertson, A. Bucher, RA, KCSP Team 4/17 with prep 4/17-3/18 for 2018). Objective #3: At least 80 of Kentuckyfs 105 colleges, universities, and community/technical school campuses will be smoke] or tobacco-free by April 2018. a. Provide TA on adoption and implementation with campus stakeholders using online readiness assessment for tobacco]free campuses (M. Ickes, E. Hahn 4/17-3/18). b. Promote tobacco]free campus educational materials including scripting videos posted to the Go Tobacco]Free website (Ickes, Data Mgr 4/17-3/18). c. Engage stakeholders in consultation via conference calls and convenings on tobacco]free campus policy adoption, implementation, and compliance (M. Ickes, E. Hahn 4/17-3/18). d. Keep the tobacco-free campus listing and map up]to]date (M. Ickes 4/17-3/18). e. Share tobacco-free campus information and outcomes with the public via the media through writing opinion editorials, letters to the editor, talk shows, and social media (M. Ickes, E. Hahn; quarterly 4/17-3/18). f. Continue to provide advice upon request to the KDPH Tobacco Control Program as they assist public schools with 24/7 tobacco]free public school campuses. Target Population/Reach: KCSP serves urban and rural communities across the Commonwealth, the region, and the nation. We work with advocates, policymakers, business owners, and others to advance smoke] and tobacco]free policy. We reach the media and stakeholders via our website ( and social media, followed by 1,419 on Twitter and liked by 541 on Facebook. Our group is often invited by multiple organizations to make presentations and lead trainings. KCSP sponsors a statewide smoke]free conference attracting about 150 advocates and policymakers per year. Evaluation Plan: We will update our ordinance database and listings, tracking number, date, and type of policies enacted and implemented, as well as readiness scores from communities that complete our SF CAT (Objective #2). We will evaluate the nature, intensity, and duration of TA for smoke] and tobaccofree efforts delivered using our automated data capture system (Qualtrics; Objectives #1-3).
Effective start/end date4/1/173/31/18


  • Foundation for a Healthy KY: $46,700.00


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