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The Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky and the Family Consumer Sciences Extension Program both housed under the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension System has proposed a multi-faceted approach to preventing and reducing opioid misuse via research-based public education (Addiction 101), implementation of evidence-based prevention programming (Life Skills Training and Communities that Care), and the provision of recovery support services (Financial Education curriculum) as well as a novel arts-expression program to support at-risk individuals. This proposal is designed to address the following four substance use prevention and recovery goals and related objectives. Goal 1: Increase the capacity of local community leaders to reduce risk factors, including improving the community’s awareness of mental health issues that contribute to substance abuse. Goal 2: Decrease the prevalence of substance use in communities by implementing evidence-based programs. Goal 3: Improve rates of recovery by addressing and minimizing the economic and social barriers to successful re-entry. Goal 4: Provide up-to-date resources and information on the prevention and treatment of substance use disorder easily accessible to the public.
Effective start/end date9/30/199/29/20


  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administr: $536,101.00


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