Property Taxation Practices and Impacts throughout the United States since Proposition 13

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Document changes in the use of the property tax in the United States since 1972 using a variety of measures including the property tax as share of local tax revenues, personal income, and effective property tax rates. A unique contribution will not only be comparisons over time for the United States in its entirety but also the examination of trends within individual states and how these trends may differ among states. The study will also provide some analysis of trends in the property tax within major metropolitan areas. Document the relationship between trends in the property tax and other sources of local revenue including other local taxes and state funding sources. In addition, to examining the relationship between trends in property tax revenues and other tax revenues, we shall also document the relationship between property tax revenues and expenditures by local governments, particularly expenditures on primary and secondary education. As with our examination of trends in the property tax our focus in on trends at the state level with some additional analysis of trends within selected metropolitan areas. Document and analyze the impacts of state-level statutory limits imposed and constraints since 1972 on the use of the property tax on the use of the property tax as well as other sources of local revenue and local expenditures. Examine the impacts of changes in property taxation and property taxes on housing markets both at the state and metropolitan level. Particular focus will be on the impacts on housing price indices, building permits, and housing starts.
Effective start/end date7/1/057/1/06


  • National Association of Realtors: $37,573.00


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