PROSPER Step-by-Step, State-by-State (P2S): Expansion of an Extension-Based Opioid Prevention Capacity-Building System - ROTA 2020 PROSPER

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Dr. Alex Elswick, Extension Specialists for Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, will serve as the Project Director/State Coordinator. Dr. Elswick is currently a Co-PI on an existing ROTA grant designed to reduce substance use disorders and improve recovery rates. Katherine Jury, Extension Associate for Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, will serve as the Technical Assistance Provider. Ms. Jury manages the implementation of LifeSkills Training on the existing ROTA. Kelly May, Extension Associate for Family Resource Management, will serve as team leader for all three selected sites. Ms. May is presently developing a financial literacy curriculum, funded by at an RHSE grant, that is tailored to people in recovery. Dr. Adedokun will serve as the lead evaluator on the project. Dr. Adedokun’s expertise is in the application of quantitative and qualitative methods to program evaluation. Her scholarly research focuses on the development of robust measures of the cognitive, affective and behavioral outcomes of nutrition education programs, and the intertwined factors that mediate and moderate program impact. Her previous work and publications have employed advanced statistical methods (e.g., structural equation modeling, multi-level modeling and meta-analysis) to understand the processes and conditions under which education interventions achieve their expected outcomes. Section 2.0 Implementation of all four phases of the PROSPER Delivery System's Sustainability Model: a. Organization: The Team Leader for all three selected sites, Ms. May, will develop local PROSPER teams with the assistance of Ms. Jury. UK CES will develop the state management team with capacity to support the local implementation teams. b. Initial operations: Local Implementation Teams will develop plans to implement the PROSPER delivery system. Technical Assistance Providers and State Management Teams will support Local Teams through training and technical assistance. c. Ongoing operations: Local implementation teams will be responsible for implementation. As a result, at least one cohort of youth complete both Strengthening Families of Youth Ages 10-14 and Botvin LifeSkills Training by the end of the grant period. d. Long-Term Sustainability: UK CES will ensure sustainability through institutionalization of PROSPER and planning for funding and resources: a. The State Management Team will create plans for sustainability and expansion. b. Local Implementation Teams will develop resource and recruiting plans. Section 3.0 Technical Assistance The Technical Assistance Provider for UK CES will provide two technical assistance sessions per month for each team leader. The Technical Assistance Provider will also be available to provide on demand technical assistance for Team Leaders on an as-need basis. Section 4.0 Reporting The State coordinator, Reporting: The State Coordinator, Technical Assistance Provider, and Team Leaders all have unique reporting requirements. Each will provide information in the PROSPER Reporting System as identified in the Evaluation Guide or as identified by the PROSPER Network Evaluator.
Effective start/end date8/31/208/30/23


  • Iowa State University: $131,888.00


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