Prototype Online Formative Assessment System

  • Eakin, Paul (PI)
  • Cibulka, James (CoI)
  • Kubota, Kenneth (CoI)

    Grants and Contracts Details


    Description: This contract provides funding for the university's costs usociated with developing and Implementing a prototype web-based (formative) testing system. ThIs development comes u a result of extensive collaboration with KDE and deals wtth areas related to high stakes K-12 student assessment. Areas such as accountability, systemic reform, formative evaluation and computerized scoring/other technological innovations will be addressed. This project will provide support for a Coordinating Committee for 3-12 Student Assessments and the convening of a technical advisory panel to plan for future Improvements In the assessment and accountability system with leadership provided by the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. This work will be an extension of \he university's instructional support system and will suggest new intuitive user interface.
    Effective start/end date9/15/046/30/06


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