Providing Technical Assistance and Direction for RWJF's Systems for Action Research Program

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The Systems for Action program works to expand scientific knowledge about how to align delivery and financing systems across health and social sectors in ways that improve population health, promote health equity, and achieve efficiencies in resource use. Studies supported through the S4A program test mechanisms for system alignment that reflect key drivers of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Action Framework, particularly drivers of cross-sector collaboration (Action Area 2) and integrating health and health care systems (Action Area 4). In this fourth year of the program, the University of Kentucky will accomplish the following aims through the S4A National Coordinating Center: (1) Review, select and launch up to 6 new extramural research projects through a Call for Proposals process; (2) Enhance opportunities for communication, collaboration and synergy among the S4A Collaborating Research Centers, individual research project investigators, and intramural research studies conducted by the Coordinating Center; (3) Identify, synthesize, and disseminate findings from the S4A extramural and intramural studies; (4) Engage policy and practice stakeholders in ways of using evidence from S4A studies to align delivery and financing systems that support a culture of health; (5) Continue and expand intramural research activities that use the National Longitudinal Survey of Public Health Systems linked with other multi-sector data sources to address S4A research priorities not addressed by extramural grantees; (6) Work with RWJF and the national advisory committee to develop priorities for future S4A research that will add evidence in key research areas not currently addressed.
Effective start/end date9/15/188/31/19


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $1,117,763.00


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