Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors, Physical Symptoms and Heart Failure Outcomes

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Psychosocial and behavioral factors, physical symptoms, and heart failure outcomes This work will be conducted under the project entitled "Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors, Physical Symptoms. and Heart Failure Outcomes." University of Kentucky (UK) will screen, recruit, and collect the required data on 35 patients for this project. 1. The UK will screen eligible patients based on the inclusion criteria and will provide the principle investigator (PI) (Seongkum Heo) information on the number of screened patients, eligible patients. patients who refused to participate, and recruited patients .. 2. The UK will recruit in total 35 patients and obtain written consent from all of the participants (recruited 18 of them until 2010 and will follow them in 2011). 3. The UK will administer the questionnaires to in total 35 patients. 4. The UK will administer 24·hour urine collection. 5. The UK will administer the MEMS. 4. The UK will do monthly phone follow-up for the patients for 12 months. 5. The UK will mail the PI aI/ of the questionnaires, documents (original consent and HIPAA forms, payment of notice forms, and W-9 forms), 24-hour urine sodium test results, MEMS bottles, and 12-month follow-up results.
Effective start/end date1/1/1112/31/12


  • University of Arkansas: $9,253.00


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