Psychosocial Factors Outcome Study in Sudden Cardiac Death (PFOS)

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Specific Hypotheses to be test~d include: 1.' Psychosocial status will, significant cOT1ttibUt;ions to survival independent of the contribution of physiological status. Survival will be predicted by lower depression, anxiety and expectations of more future life eventSt greater social SUPPQTt and pet ownership. . -- 2. Deter! orat ion in psychosoc h.t sta.tus will predi ct decreased snr'YivtJ,l. The maanitude of the deterioration in Psychosocial statuB will contribute to survival status. Those subjects whose psychosocial status deteriorales (inc4eases in depression and anxiety and decreases in expectations of future life events, social 8upport and pet ownershipJ more between aSSessments will be more likely to die in the next six months. 3. The three trel\.tment arms of SCD-HeFT wi 11 have different Impacts on depression, an)('1ety~ expectations of future and social eupport. 4. Namber of snock~' per year will predict p$ycbQsocial status. Patients with higher numbers of shocks per year will have higher depression and anxiety and lower social su~~ort.
Effective start/end date9/1/018/31/04


  • University of Maryland at Baltimore: $100.00


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