Public Child Welfare Certification Program

  • Rompf, Elizabeth (PI)

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The Public Child Welfare Certification Program is a pre-service education and training program for undergraduate junior and senior social work students designed to support the recruitment and retention of child welfare workers. The creative partnership between the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Community Based Services, and public/private universities with social work programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education serves as a national model for improved child welfare services. This joint effort includes a special tract of child welfare courses and agency training courses for junior and senior students accepted into the program. The University of Kentucky is allocated a minimum of ten (10) bachelor level student slots for admission per year. The University of Kentucky will provide use of university faculty to service as the PCWCP Site Coordinator for all program activities. The PCWCP Site Coordinator's responsibilities include: Distribution of PCWCP information/materials to students; Recruitment of PCWCP applicants; Coordination of and participation in the PCWCP selection interviews in conjunction with the local Department for Community Based Services; Orientation of selected university PCWCP students to the program; Attendance at all PCWCP meetings and retreats; Correspondence with the EKU/UTC Budget Office and EKU/UTC PCWCP Program Coordinator; and Submission of all paperwork and materials related to the application process, student grades, and evaluation of the PCWCP program atUK.
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


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