Public Health Practice-Based Research Network Program Year 2013

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The purpose of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRN) Program is to expand the volume and quality of evidence on effective public health practice through networks of practitioners and researchers that collaborate to conduct studies in real-world practice settings. A Public Health PBRN brings multiple public health agencies together with research partners to design, implement, translate, and disseminate studies that are both scientifically rigorous and highly relevant to practice and policy decisions. Currently, 12 Primary PBRNs receive core RWJF funding and support through the program, and an additional 13 Affiliate PBRNs participate in program activities without core RWJF funding. The PBRNs supported through this program focus their studies on public health services and systems research (PHSSR), a field of inquiry that identifies how best to organize, finance, and deliver public health strategies and to elucidate the comparative health and economic effects of these strategies. As of July 2012, more than 45 funded PHSSR studies have been initiated or completed through these research networks. To further expand and enhance the work of public health PBRNs, eight key activities are included in the technical assistance and direction (TAD) proposal for the 2013 program year, organized under three broad program aims: Aim I: Expand Opportunities and Capacities for Public Health PBRN Research 1. Maintain the operations of the Public Health PBRN National Coordinating Center (NCC) that provides technical assistance, communication, dissemination, and translation support to primary PBRN networks, affiliate networks, and other stakeholders engaged in conducting practice-based research via PBRNs; 2. Cultivate new research partners and sources of support for PBRNs at federal, state, and nongovernmental levels that will assure the long-term sustainability and growth of PBRNs nationally, with a particular focus on building capacity for conducting comparative effectiveness research (CER) and delivery system research that quantifies the health and economic value of public health strategies. Aim II: Develop and Coordinate PHSSR Studies through PBRNs 3. Oversee the selection, development and implementation of eight new research projects implemented through public health PBRNs via 18-month Research Implementation Awards (RIAs). 4. Oversee the selection, development and implementation of four new measurement development projects implemented through public health PBRNs via 12-month Accelerating Measurement of Public Health Impact and Value (AMPHIV) awards. 5. Oversee the selection, development and implementation of short-term, time-sensitive research projects on priority issues in public health practice through the use of Quick Strike Research Funds (QSRFs) granted to public health PBRNs; 6. Continue to coordinate the development and implementation of research projects supported through the PBRN Research Acceleration and Expansion (RACE) series of administrative supplements to be awarded competitively to eight public health PBRNs to expand research capacity and methodological advances within their networks; 7. Continue to lead the implementation of the Multi-network Practices and Outcomes Variation Study (MPROVE) that supports a comparative study of the causes and consequences of public health practice variation through the engagement of multiple PBRNs; Aim III: Translate and Disseminate Evidence from PBRN Research to Policy and Practice Decision-makers 8. Maintain and expand the open-access journal for rapid dissemination of early findings from PBRN research and related studies in public health systems and services, titled Frontiers in Public Health Systems and Services Research. 9. Develop and coordinate research dissemination opportunities for PBRN research, including journal publications, research briefs, podcasts, and development of scientific panel presentations at national scientific and professional meetings. Collectively, these activities will accelerate the production and translation of practice-relevant research that directly informs policy and administrative decision-making during an era of significant public health and health system reform.
Effective start/end date11/1/12 → 10/31/13


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $538,239.00


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