Qatar Project on Learning Difficulties

  • Bright, Ethel (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Responsible for daily activities ofthe Qatar Project on Learning a~d oth~r Disabili.ti~s .. Th~ primary duty wi\1 be to act as the representative of AED in Qatar. Incorporated mto thJS responsJbJlJty wI\1 be the tasks of: I) Maintaining communication between AED and the Supreme Education Council (SEC), primarily with staff concerned with the AED project; and 2) coordinating and providing training to the staff of SEC Independent schools, primarily the four Pilot Schools, regarding special education, and as appropriate, to the SEC and to others 3) completing additional tasks related to contract deliverables. An important responsibility of this position is to communicate with the AED home office which includes reporting in written format to the Project Director and Project Coordinator on a weekly basis. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: Project Management and Oversight within Qatar: • Represent AED to the SEC, especially the person in charge of special education program areas, but with a\1 others as necessary; • Maintain communication with the schools, the SEC staff, and others as necessary. If written ensure that it is properly edited and presented in a professional manner; • Work with consultants sent by AED to Qatar; • Work co\1aboratively with any other projects operated by AED within Qatar: • Maintain communication on an established schedule (weekly), but as often as needed, with the AED Director and Coordinator via email.This communication wi\1 include the identification of issues, problems or concerns voiced by the SEC, the SEC schools, families, and others, as we\1 as the status of a\1 deliverables: • Maintain communication with Project staff, SEC personnel, the SEC schools, and any consultants or Experts for coordination of work and activities, and as necessary, problem~solving, identification of solutions to issues, and implementation of strategies and initiatives designed with AED Co~Directors; • Prepare Work Plans for the activities undertaken in Qatar for the time there; • Prepare and submit to AED a\1 required reports in agreed upon format; • Attend seminars, meetings, conferences and workshops in Qatar representing AED, as necessary; and • Conduct evaluation of pilot phase activities • Perform other duties as assigned. Training •• • • • Provide training regarding disability awareness and the design of the Pilot Program in Qatar; Provide training in consultation with the SEC staff and AED regarding the provision of services to children and youth with Learning Disabilities; Design and deliver, coordinating with SEC, the necessary and required training to the SEC and the SEC schools; Identify and add to the Resource Collection, resources from multiple sources addressing problemslissues/concerns regarding the education of children and youth with Learning and other Disabilities Co.m.munic~\te ~!ith AED ~o~Directors in reports, and by email, a\1 requests for training, a\1 plans for trammg actIvItIes. a\1 cumcu]a, evaluations of implemented training activities, a\1 solutions used to address concerns within SEC schools, all identified resources shared with SEC schools, and other concerns that arise; • Conduct ongoing Needs Assessment, both formally and informally, of the needs of SEC schools and the SEC regarding their ability to serve students with disabilities, and report all findings to AED; and • Serve as a technical resource on teaching children and youth with difficulties and disabilities, for project staff and others; Financial Monitoring and Reporting • Manage the AED activities in Qatar; • Monitor all expenditures, keeping receipts for all office supplies; and • Work with the assigned AED Financial Associate to ensure all activities/expenditures are financially responsible.
Effective start/end date7/31/0612/30/06


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