Quaternary and Surficial Geologic Mapping for Geotechnical and Geohazard Applications in Kentucky

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This proposal is seeking to support new surficial geologic mapping in Kentucky, in areas which have been identified by the Kentucky Geologic State Mapping Advisory Committee as priority areas that need more detailed surficial geologic mapping to meet societal needs. This proposal includes two one year projects intended to support the long-range goals identified by the SGMAC. The long-range geologic mapping plan of the Kentucky Geological Survey is to complete geologic mapping for key areas likely to experience future economic development, and to support seismic hazard assessment, landslide susceptibility, and geotechnical/land-use planning in those areas. Kentucky’s population is vulnerable to seismic and landslide hazards, and detailed geologic information will support improved hazard assessments to help protect Kentucky’s exposed populations. Kentucky is a national leader in coal production, and provides a necessary energy supply critical to efforts aimed at national energy independence. Kentucky is traversed by numerous critical rail and highway transportation routes, and interstate natural gas transmission lines. The ongoing mapping effort is also addressing critical basic scientific issues in the areas of landscape evolution, sedimentology, neotectonics, paleoclimate, and paleoseismicity.
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


  • US Geological Survey: $216,363.00


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