RAD-PD: Registry for the Advancement of DBS in Parkinson's Disease

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HUMAN CLINICAL TRIAL RAD-PD will be conducted as a quality improvement (QI) project, a form of health effectiveness research that is focused on measuring and monitoring outcomes in order to secure positive change. It seeks to comprehensively characterize a cohort of PD patients undergoing DBS surgery and followed longitudinally in order to achieve the project objectives. Continuous data collection relating to clearly defined quality measures on patients undergoing DBS for PD will be utilized. Participants (i.e., clinical sites) will share performance on these quality measures and engage in active discussion. 20 sites will participate in patent enrollment, with enrollment targets based on site volume. Tier 1 sites (14 total) are those who implant 15-50 (or more) PD patients with DBS yearly, and will be expected to enroll 20 (or more) sequential subjects per year. Tier 2 sites (6 total) are those who implant
Effective start/end date10/9/205/2/22


  • Neuropoint Alliance Incorporated: $7,850.00


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