Radiative Heating Attenuation Through Heat Shield Doping

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The University of Kentucky team (Co-I/I-PI Alexandre Martin and a graduate student) will take charges of the material response tasks of the proposed work. More specifically, the team will: • Compute a full 3D heat-shield simulation of the Stardust capsule in earth using the KATS-MR code. • Perform the strong coupling of the KATS-MR code to the hypersonic aerothermodynamics code LAURA. • Add the capability to model embedded SF6 micro-balloons to the KATS-MR code. • Track the SF6 gas as it travels through the porous heat shield, and optimize the location of the micro-balloon to maximize the release of SF6 in the outer layer.
Effective start/end date1/14/191/13/23


  • University of Illinois: $210,000.00


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