Radioactivity in Materials Lead for nEXO

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The nEXO collaboration aims to affirm the Majorana nature of the neutrino by observing the neu- trinoless double-beta decay of 136Xe with a next generation experiment. The University of Kentucky nEXO group (UKY) operates a world leading ultra-low-background γ-ray spectrometer as part of the nEXO radioactive background control R&D effort. The nEXO project is a proposed ton-scale neu- trinoless double-beta decay experiment. The UKY PI is the manager leading the radioactivity content assessment for all materials required by the imminent nEXO project. As a subset of this task, UKY is also responsible for project-wide management of all low-background γ-ray spectrometry measurements; material assays with these type of instruments, together with ICP-MS, neutron-activation-analysis, and α-spectrometry, are critical to ensuring that the nEXO project can achieve its design sensitivity.
Effective start/end date8/15/238/14/24


  • Department of Energy: $80,000.00


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