RAHSS Supplement: Collaborative Research: Gauging Introgression: Variation Across the Genome in Mode and Tempo of Natural Selection in a Tiger Salamander Hybrid Zone

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The candidate is Stephanie Tsai, who is currently ajunior at Sufferin High School, NY. Since her sophomore year, Stephanie has been participating in a program at Sufferin that originated as a National Science Foundation model for research training. Stephanie contacted me about 1 year ago and stated an interest in my research in regenerative biology. Recognizing her potential, I invited her to train in my lab. Stephanie and her mother lived on campus at UK for 10 weeks last summer so that she could intern in my lab and learn about regenerative biology research. Stephanie's family paid her travel expenses and living expenses out of pocket, and I was able to use some of my funding to cover housing expenses. Stephanie learned about the thy-to-day life of a laboratory researcher and integrated immediately into my lab group. She learned about salamander care, salamander surgeries needed to do regenerative studies, PCR, real-time P01, and histology. She attended all lab meetings and participated in discussions. She gained experience and training needed to pursue an independent research project, which she will perform this coming summer (Summer 2008).
Effective start/end date3/25/088/31/08


  • National Science Foundation


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