Raising Awareness of Sexual Harassment in High School Students

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PADR 1: To establish account per receipt of award, IAF and COI. This account is being established prior to receipt of IRB approval or exemption.  You may not enroll human subjects, initiate any contact with human subjects, collect data on human subjects or use existing data/specimens collected from living human subjects until IRB approval or exemption is obtained. HE 12/13/11 ***PI NOTES*** The sponsor requires source documentation (receipts) by June 30th. The PI and Dept are responsible for providing the source documentation. The PI/dept are responsible for charges not reimbursed by the sponsor due to lack of source documentation. PI is required to submit a preliminary programmatic report in March 2012. Second payment will be withheld until sponsor confirms receipt. IMPORTANT: PI must coordinate with SPA when submitting preliminary report so that SPA can submit the invoice. Submit a final project report, along with two copies of all project materials related to the Campus Action Project, by June 18, 2012. ***SPA NOTES*** SPA to invoice immediately for $2500. (First payment contingent upon sponsor's receipt of the signed Award Acceptance Form. Sponsor confirmed receipt 12/6/11) SPA to invoice for $2500 upon notification by PI in March 2012 that preliminary report has been filed. Any unused portion of grant funds shall be repaid to AAUW by June 30, 2012. NOTICE: If this project involves human subjects or animals, you must have and maintain an active approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to proceed.
Effective start/end date12/6/116/19/12


  • American Association of University Women: $5,000.00


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