R&D Seed Grant: On-site Thermochemical Densification of Biomass

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The overall goal of the proposed project is to demonstrate biomass liquefaction in a combined extruder-reactor system, converting low density biomass into a much denser crude bio-oil. To this end, biomass processing will be demonstrated using wood waste obtained from GrafBrothers Flooring, Inc. (South Shore, KY; see attached letters of support). The project is aimed at substantially improving the economics of biomass utilization by facilitating on-site densification, while enabling centralized bio-refineries - employing conventional refining technology - that operate at a scale allowing process efficiency and economy. In so doing, the proposed process offers the potential for reduced dependence on imported crude oil and for new farm income derived from biomass residues or grass cover crops. Within the scope of this Seed Grant, proof of concept data will be generated to allow a competitive federal grant proposal to be submitted to the DOEIUSDA biomass program. The proposed project is relevant to the 2005 Kentucky Comprehensive Energy Strategy, addressing recommendations 11, 48, and 54; more specifically, it addresses technical hurdles to widespread use of biomass in the Commonwealth, and the implementation of ethanol producing biorefineries for fuels/chemicals production (as this process can utilize the lignin residues from ethanol plants that utilize lignocellulosic feedstocks).
Effective start/end date10/1/0712/31/09


  • KY Office of Energy Policy: $133,124.00


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