Real Time Digital Simulator Empowered Modeling, Diagnostics, Protection and Control of Power Components and Systems

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Project title: Real time digital simulator empowered modeling, diagnostics, protection and control of power components and systems Abstract This project intends to secure fund from the department of defense university instrumentation program to purchase a real time digital simulation system - RTDS simulator, Omicron protection testing system and power amplifiers. The equipment to purchase will be used to help investigators to perform research in modeling, simulation, diagnostics, protection and control of power components and systems in areas critical to the mission of the department of defense. The equipment will enhance existing defense related research and enable investigators to pursue more future defense related grants and educate more undergraduate and graduate students who have the expertise in power and energy area to meet the need for future defense labor force.
Effective start/end date9/28/219/30/23


  • Office of Naval Research


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