Reassessing the History of Urban Renewal in the United States, 1950-1975

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The conference, titled Urban Renewal: New Perspectives, New Data, New Conclusions, will bring together 10-12 scholars currently engaged in urban renewal research to ask and answer questions made possible by shifting our research to scales other than that of the stand-alone project in a major central city. A major component of the conference will be the pre-conference online workshop with the participating scholars and the creators of the Urban Renewal map. The chance to explore and discuss the map, data sources, and ideas as a group will serve as a springboard for new research that will form the basis of the “New Perspectives” conference, to be held at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington. The conference will be open to the public and will be live-streamed by the University of Kentucky. The conference proceedings will form the basis of a published volume of original scholarship centered on the questions that arise from changing the scale used to understand the country’s experience with urban renewal.
Effective start/end date10/1/189/30/19


  • National Endowment for the Humanities: $42,000.00


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