Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership

  • Williams, David (PI)

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The objective ofthe project is to establish and manage replicated field trials ofMiscanthus x giganteus (Mxg) to gather biomass production and sustainability data that documents biomass yield at Mead~ NE; Urban~ IL; West Lafayette, IN; Lexington, KY; and Adelphi, NJ for assessing potential expansion of Mxg as a bioenergy feedstock resource. The Miscanthus x giganteus Bioenergy Field Trials is part ofthe DOE Sun Grant Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership Herbaceous Bioenergy Crop Field Trials. Based on water needs ofM x g., the scope ofthis work includes selecting participants to conduct field trials at sites through the central portion ofthe eastern half ofthe U.S. and coordinating the project research at all sites. Once participants have been identified~ plants ofMxg will be propagated at the University ofIllinois for distribution and planting at each site following coordinated protocol. Each site will be responsible for planting~ managing, applying the research treatments, and collecting the data for the Miscanthus x giganteus Bioenergy Field Trial at their site. Finally, the field trial data from each will be collected and assembled from all Mxg participants in order for the project coordinator to analyze and report on the fmdings.
Effective start/end date10/1/079/30/15


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