Regional Innovation and Rural Development Analysis and Facilitation

Grants and Contracts Details


Attending meetings of the SOAR Executive Committee and the working groups collecting ideas at public meetings about various issues. Attending meeting of the working group chairs and the Executive Committee in Hazard. Writing stories about the above meetings. Editing the reports, publishing them as stories on the Appalachian Kentucky page of The Rural Blog,, and distributing them via email to all newspapers in Appalachian Kentucky. Drafting individualized stories for Appalachian Kentucky newspapers about people in their counties who were on the working groups, using information gathered by students at Eastern Kentucky University. Keeping track of SOAR activities as posted on their website. Adding to the Appalachian Kentucky page items on relevant topics and events. Repeatedly emailing the Rural Policy Research Institute to see when we would get our money.
Effective start/end date7/1/147/16/15


  • University of Iowa: $7,500.00


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