Regional Resource Lead Organization on Behalf of the SelfMade Health Network

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The Self Made Health Network (SMHN) has received continued funding through a cooperative agreement by CDC’s Consortium of National Networks, jointly funded by CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) and Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC). SMHN was established to advance prevention efforts related to tobacco-related and cancer health disparities among vulnerable populations. SMHN is continuing to fund the University of Kentucky-College of Public Health as a SMHN Regional Resource Lead Organization (RRLO). In this role, the University of Kentucky-College of Public Health will continue to provide training and technical assistant to communities and worksites in order to decreased incidence of advanced stage tobacco-related cancers among “blue-collar” workers in Kentucky. Overarching goals for the Kentucky RRLO will continue be: (1) Continue to build robust regional and local capacity needed to sustain an ongoing awareness, knowledge and understanding of preventive behaviors and increased access to evidence-based tobacco cessation services (e.g. state quitline) as well as other available services and resources related to lung cancer prevention, screening, treatment and survivorship among vulnerable male populations and multi-sector stakeholder organizations. (2) Partner with “blue-collar” industries to adopt and implement worksite wellness policies that incorporate evidence-based tobacco free policies (including electronic cigarettes) to reduce secondhand smoke exposure and promote lung cancer screening among employees working in non-hospitality work environments. (3) Increase the dissemination of lung cancer resources, and other resources (e.g. SelfMade Health Network, CDC, etc.) including the Kentucky RRLO Lung Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Worksite Resource Kit and Resource Kit Guide among Blue-Collar Industry worksites, and state programs (Tobacco/Cancer Prevention and Control) and multi-sector stakeholder organizations to improve men’s health along the continuum from Cancer prevention and survivorship and (4) Sustain robust business-community-clinical linkages to expand awareness, access, availability and utilization of lung cancer resources (e.g. prevention, screening, detection, treatment, and survivorship) and evidenced-based tobacco cessation services (eg. on-site tobacco cessation counseling, referral to state quitline services, etc.) among Blue-Collar Industry worksites and respective healthcare providers.
Effective start/end date11/1/209/29/21


  • Patient Advocate Foundation: $44,784.00


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