Regional Resource Lead Organization on Behalf of the SelfMade Health Network

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The Self Made Health Network (SMHN) has recently been funded for a new five-year cooperative agreement by CDC’s Consortium of National Networks, jointly funded by CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) and Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC). SMHN was established to advance prevention efforts related to tobacco-related and cancer health disparities among vulnerable populations. SMHN has selected the University of Kentucky-College of Public Health to continue to be funded as a SMHN Regional Resource Lead Organization (RRLO). In this role, the University of Kentucky-College of Public Health will provide training and technical assistant to communities and worksites in order to decreased incidence of advanced stage tobacco-related cancers among “blue-collar” workers in Kentucky. Overarching goals for the Kentucky RRLO will be to: Increase the number of or industry type of Blue-Collar worksites (smoke-free and those without smoke-free policies) within targeted counties (Kentucky) that utilize the RRLO resources developed in the previous funding cycle (Lung Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Resource Kit and Guide); Increase the number of Blue-Collar worksites in targeted counties (Kentucky) that focus on tobacco-cessation, prevention of tobacco-related cancers, the state’s tobacco quitline (cessation support) and/or the adoption of a smoke-free policy as part of their promotional materials, employee educational resources, or worksite health promotion activities/events or employee health policy, etc.; and Increase the number of Blue-Collar worksites or partners (health system/hospital, rural health clinic or employee health department-worksite) that become Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTS) in targeted counties.
Effective start/end date2/1/199/29/19


  • Patient Advocate Foundation: $38,000.00


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