Regulation and Function of IL33 During Neonatal RSV Infection

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Dr. Waters will serve as a co-Investigator on Dr. Stephania Cormier’s project entitled “Regulation and function of IL33 during neonatal RSV infection.” Dr. Waters’ role in this project started with the renewal of the project on 8/01/2017 and will end on 7/31/2021. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common cause of acute respiratory tract infections in infants worldwide. This project will examine the hypothesis that neonatal airway epithelial cells produce excessive IL33 that leads to Th2-biased immunopathogenesis. For this project, I will provide my expertise in acute lung injury, inflammation, airway epithelial cells, and lung physiology. I will participate in the experimental design and interpretation of results. In addition I will participate in the drafting of manuscripts and the preparation of data for presentations. Dr. Cormier and I have collaborated for a number of years, and we previously held joint lab meetings together. We will continue to do this using videoconferencing. We also correspond regularly by email. We will also have face to face meetings at conferences and by visiting one another’s labs.
Effective start/end date5/5/187/31/21


  • Louisiana State University: $101,274.00


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